Fresh & Easy Says it Doesn't Have Plans to Close

The British-owned "Neighborhood Market" has mass-emailed a change of heart.

Remember when Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market said it was giving up the food fight? Remember when the British grocery food chain said—around last year's holiday season, no less—that it was selling or closing its stores? Remember when the San Diego attorney general found Fresh & Easy's pricing a bit troubling?

Well, forget all that.

Fresh & Easy may remain open.

Oceanside has Fresh & Easy store locations on Oceanside Boulevard and North River Road.

The management of the Tesco-owned stores has mass-emailed the following:

Thank you for being a Friend of Fresh & Easy. We wanted to reach out to you to address numerous news and online reports about the future of our stores.

Our parent company Tesco is conducting a strategic review of Fresh & Easy—they're looking at all options to find the best outcome for the neighborhood market that you and we have come to love. While we don't know exactly what that outcome will be, or if Tesco will continue to own the company, we're confident that Fresh & Easy can continue to be your favorite market.

We want to assure you: we don't have plans to close stores. We're still committed to providing delicious, wholesome and affordable food every day. We're still Fresh & Easy; open for business with everything that you enjoy about our store, with even more exciting things to come. That's why we're going to keep on fighting the good food fight.

Now, more than ever, we appreciate your energy in our stores and being able to share a smile with you. We look forward to seeing you soon and thank you for your continued support.

myowncompass February 07, 2013 at 03:40 AM
I only use them for a handful of specific items because they ARE too expensive and their packaging is too small. Directly in my neighborhood, Frazier Farms has better produce, at a cheaper price, and Albertsons has a larger variety of EVERYTHING, as long as I don't mind paying through the nose. I shop there for things that no one else has. The bulk of my grocery shopping happens at Walmart where their prices that show me that they understand I have a family to feed and I can't afford to break the bank to do so.
Jimmy Dean February 09, 2013 at 03:11 AM
I love Fresh and Easy and the food selection is great! Go to the clearance section and freeze the meals you buy for 50% off... Stay open! Oh and try the freeze dried chocolate covered bananas..


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