Marine Corps Major Debunks Myths About Women in Combat

Marine Corps Maj. Jane Blair writes an opinion piece for the Washington Post on five myths about women in combat.

Marine Corps Maj. Jane Blair, author of Hesitation Kills: A Female Marine Officer's Combat Experience in Iraq, joins the Washington Post series "Five Myths About ..." to debunk the five myths about women serving in combat.

Here are the five myths, visit the Post for Blair's rebuttal of each.

  1. Women are too emotionally fragile for combat.
  2. Women are too physically weak for the battlefield.
  3. The presence of women causes sexual tension in training and battle.
  4. Male troops will become distracted from their missions in order to protect female comrades.
  5. Women can't lead men in combat effectively.

Want to learn more about women on the front lines? Watch this video interview of a that just returned from Afghanistan. 

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