Occupy Oceanside to Send Delegates to Occupy North County

Supporters of Occupy Oceanside strengthen the organization's relationship with Occupy North County.

Some 45 supporters of Occupy Oceanside met outside of City Hall Friday evening and agreed to affiliate with the Occupy North County general assembly.

Delegates from Occupy Oceanside would share information with the broader organization, but not vote on behalf of Occupy Oceanside, said Kyle Krahel-Frolander, one of the group’s most vocal and active members, who helps organize the meetings.

Becky Medearis, of Vista, spoke in favor of the partnership with Occupy North County.

“As long as we stay together as a cohesive group, I think we have more power in numbers,” she told the supporters in the middle of a circle they had created.

Carol Kissin, of Oceanside also supported the affiliation, in part, because it helps planning.

”You have to have leaders; nobody is going to join on the street by mental telepathy,” she said. “Occupy North County is only two weeks older than us.”

Becoming part of the group took little more than showing up and voicing concerns.

Some group members supported maintaining a local presence, including Paul Nevin, of Oceanside, who wanted to focus on getting money out of local politic.

“We should just focus on getting this group organized,” he said. “Our group would be most effective just showing up at city council meetings.”

The national movement has, so far, been largely without an organized hierarchy. Krahel-Frolander acknowledged to participants, however, that he might be seen as a “de-facto leader” and asked them to voice any concerns.

“If anybody feels that I’m abusing the process let me know,” he told the group.

He was an aide to Oceanside City Councilwoman Esther Sanchez, but was removed from the position Sunday. Sanchez told the North County Times that her decision was because of professional differences and not because of his participation in the demonstrations.


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