City May Reexamine Taxi Cab Regulations

An Oceanside taxi cab company's plans to increase rates may change the way the city regulates.

Oceanside Mayor Jim Wood said he may reexamine taxi cab regulations after a local company announced it will increase its rates, according to a U-T San Diego report.

The newspaper reported that 24-7 Taxi Cab plans to increase "its rates by as much as 63 percent."

Read the full report here.

Should taxi cab regulations be changed? Tell us in the comments.

Status Quo February 17, 2013 at 06:04 PM
Mayor Wood, bloviating with the projection of a strong-mayor position, simply is not empowered to do anything but ask for the Council made up of his peers to reconsider their anti-competitive damage. He may be correct in the advance of re-examination but in the story, he seems to be clinging to his previous role, rather than settling-in on his ongoing role with the title of Mayor and whatever gravity that entails. Thus far, he has squandered his previous inertia as deliberating and thoughtful, trading it for divisiveness and lacking leadership in preparation for the transition from General Law rule to a Charter Rule City. IMHO, I feel he is the quintessential poster child of becoming a RINO with a new cloak of Leftism. 24/7 Cab, may be overreaching but they will be rewarded by the marketplace with possible rejection and less business. Oceanside, is gaining a reputation of overreach and intrusion to business entities. I am circumspect of the City's right to have purview over transportation choices, but not surprised by the Mayor's self-prepossesing qualities. Yellow Cab, appears to be playing the market smarter.


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