Former Rep. Duke Cunningham Transfers to Halfway House

The former elected official recently left federal prison.

Former Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham, R-San Diego, imprisoned in 2006 for bribery, fraud and tax evasion, is now at a federal halfway house in New Orleans and has a release date of June 4 next year, a Bureau of Prisons spokesman said Thursday.

Cunningham, now 71, was sentenced to eight years and four months behind bars. In addition to pleading guilty to tax evasion and conspiracy, he admitted receiving at least $2.4 million in gifts, cash and trips from defense contractors in exchange for steering government work their way.

Since being incarcerated, Cunningham has denied accepting bribes and said he regretted his plea.

Prior to the bribery scandal, Cunningham represented California's 50th Congressional District for 14 years. He resigned amid his legal woes. Prior to politics, he flew an F-4 Phantom fighter jet for the U.S Navy during the Vietnam War.

At the halfway house, the ex-congressman will have to seek work and go through programs designed to prepare inmates for their release, said Edmond Ross, a spokesman for the federal Bureau of Prisons. Inmates can go out into the community with permission, but must spend each night in the facility.

The inmates can also reconnect with their families at the halfway house, according to Ross.

Earlier this year, U.S. District Judge Larry Burns denied a request for Cunningham to possess a firearm so he could hunt and participate in sport shooting contests. In a letter to the judge, he said he plans to live out his days with his mother and brother in rural Arkansas, writing books.

Burns said in his response that the 1968 federal law banning felons from possessing weapons contains no exemptions for hunting and sport shooting and that Cunningham could only bypass the law by receiving a waiver from the Secretary of the Treasury.

Cunningham spent most of his sentence at a prison in Tucson. In a letter to San Diego CityBeat, he said he spent his mornings teaching fellow prisoners who were seeking their Graduate Equivalency Degree, known as a GED, and his afternoons instructing adults.

Bob Chase SEA COAST EXCLUSIVE PROPERTIES December 14, 2012 at 03:02 PM
Well RATSJ...then I guess YOU would apply that same principal to ALL elected officials then wouldn't ya? My problem is with you guys not making a comparison between a convicted felon versus an elected official who has not been indicted, then throwing out bs to see if it sticks. It doesn't cut it and I'm sure you would not want someone accusing you of heinous crimes just because they didn't like your political views now would you? Come on!
Mickey Mouse December 14, 2012 at 05:28 PM
Bob your funny....youre also probably a paid blogger, we see it, we recognize it and you cant hide it. Why dont you google up your hero bilbray? Knowledge is power my friend..... .A few of the juicier morsels that your ignorance (or your bosses) have allowed you to "casually overlook".... Bilbray is being investigated for election fraud by a grand jury- CA-50 He's been caught in NUMEROUS RECORDED LIES regarding his stance on human rights He is a close personal friend of CONVICTED SWINDLER Jack Abramoff, imagine what those office walls could say if they could... Plenty of pictures online of the two of them smilin and high fivin each other on their trips to Saipan, in fact, as a congressman, Bilbray and his wife took a New Year's eve trip to the Marianas Islands, part of a lobbying effort by Abramoff to block sweatshop reforms in that U.S. commonwealth. Bilbray downplays the connection and defends the travel with more rationalizing lies. WHo in the WORLD would BLOCK SWEAT SHOP REFORM? Man, that's modern day SLAVERY !! He was a DC lobbyist, in other words, he was a "Pimp'' for currying favor to our CONgressmen, which is being run like eBay, thanks to jokers like him. Don't be naive either "bob" nobody is going to be buying your ''so called ignorance'' and "Hey? I didnt know" attitude that your bound to be planning as a reply to this... Google is your friend, educate yourself before you sprag off merry xmas...."bob"
Bob Chase SEA COAST EXCLUSIVE PROPERTIES December 14, 2012 at 05:44 PM
Mickey Mouse....you should probably change your name to Elmer Fudd. Look...you and I are probably on the same page, its just your communication style that I find interesting. And one further thing...its not merry xmas...it's Merry Christmas.
randy hodder February 12, 2013 at 12:24 AM
I was inspired to learn to fly by none other than Mr. Showtime 100....."duke" is one hell of a pilot and comic crack up.....his wartime record and explots are beyond noteworthy that part of his life true, true patriot!!! "Duke" got himself into politics....Bad,Bad, thing for guys that fly airplanes and fight in the sky...Stay ALIVE in aircombat deals with and is based on THIS SIMPLE RULE, THERE ARE NO RULES. However.....back on the ground...the simple rule is this...1. your dealing with RULES that are not to even think about being broken.....2. not understanding rule number 1 on the ground gets you as my father used to say ...dead or in jail.really really fast!
Bob Chase SEA COAST EXCLUSIVE PROPERTIES February 13, 2013 at 10:33 PM
As a Navy vet, I couldn't agree more Randy Hodder. I think often times these guys are unfortunately vulnerable too when they gain power in politics naively, then, like Duke, succumb to greed and fear. I ended up flying C172s after the military as a private pilot. Dumb! Should have been schooled and certified in the Navy for free.


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