VIDEO: Rally Held in Support of Tea Party Marine Sgt. Gary Stein [Poll]

Citizens rallied near Camp Pendleton Thursday in support of Sgt. Gary Stein, who faces action for opposing the commander in chief.

Dozens of members of local conservative groups  rallied Thursday near Camp Pendleton's main gate in support of Sgt. Gary Stein — the Marine and Temecula resident who openly opposes his commander in chief.

He faces a possible discharge from the military, and told the North County Times that he is optimistic in the process.

Patch readers have sounded off on their thoughts of the Tea Party Marine. Their comments are below. Names have been inserted into parenthesis for clarity.

: Like him or not, (President Obama) is your commander in chief. We are a nation of laws and respect. If our servicemembers only followed President's they agreed with, we'd have a very undisciplined, unprefessional military. You're paid to defend democracy, not practice it.

: Daniel, you will not see me at the rally for Sgt Stein. He has committed a serious violation of the UCMJ which puts his loyalty to superiors in question. I would not denigrate his previous contributions to our freedon, but he cannot be trusted to follow orders, therefore he is not suitable for continued service in the military.

: As a WW-2 Marine Officer Vet. I think the rascal should be kept in the Corps. We need some out of the box NCO's aboard if the Corps is to survive. As a young Lt. and shortly after overseas I confronted a Capt. and sternly dis-obeyed his orders. As I was looking out after the welfare of the malaria stricken marines under my command. Turned out that he was a dip-shit in the Colonel's eyes too so I got away with it. I commend the opinion of this NCO. Keep him aboard.

: Whether people want to come up with silly propaganda about a birth certificate or religion, this man is our President. He'so your president, mine, and this soilders. This is dishonorable and he will be treated as such.

: I am not an Obama supporter, however he is the Commander in Chief and the Marine is out of line. When he is no longer in the military he is more than welcome to criticize him.

: Sgt. Gary Stein swore an oath to protect America from all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC. If Obama disregards, and in so doing, comes against, the Constitution, he should be seen as an enemy. The Constitution IS America. In my opinion, Sgt. Stein is cut from the same cloth as all American heroes who have gone before and are responsible for our freedom. If we run out of men like him, the countdown to the end of the greatest nation in the history of mankind will begin.

: No serviceman should be put into a position to where he must choose between obeying an order, or obiding by his oath to the Constitution.

What are your thoughts? Vote in the poll and tell us in the comments. You can email a letter to the editor to daniel.woolfolk@patch.com. Please include your full name and city of residence and limit it to 500 words.

TVOR April 25, 2012 at 03:24 PM
Never before in history have we had a president so questionable and openly disrespectful of America. The SOB went around apologizing to the world for the fact that the US has been a dominant force in the history of the modern world. We have held that position because of having presidents who did the right things for America. Every president has their faults but this one is the worst for our country in history. It saddens me that our people have become so uninformed or apathetic or whatever it is, that they would elect a person with no real accomplishments in life that would qualify them to be the president of our country. No matter what you believe about Obummer's birth, the guy clearly has contempt for the constitution of the United States and that alone makes him a poor choice.
5150 April 25, 2012 at 03:47 PM
I agree with TVOR, Nobama,
Stanley April 25, 2012 at 04:40 PM
Stein is a troublemaker and has no place in the military - the sooner he's kicked out the better. I have deep appreciation for real American patriots like the Navy Seals who risked their lives to kill Bin Laden. President Obama is another American patriot - as commander-in-cheif he gave the order to attack and kill Bin Laden. He'll get my vote.
Barbara R April 25, 2012 at 08:22 PM
A well said statement from someone who is aware and awake. Thank you!
Barbara R April 25, 2012 at 08:36 PM
TVOR, Now we getting down to brass tacks. " this one is the worst for our country in history. It saddens me that our people have become so uninformed or apathetic or whatever it is" The word is "decieved". The Amercan people have yet to acknowledge that the Political process has become a psychological manipulation fueled by money and the media. If the presidents that I have seen in office in my lifetime were all standing in a row I would have trouble picking two who did not say what they needed to say to get into office, and then fail to truely uphold their campaign promises. When you study the basics of Marketing and Public Relations you find that there is a lot of spin and flat-out lies that are fed to us daily. Our ablitity to DECERN the truth is broken. Maybe that is where we all need to start: Start searching for what rings true! Let that instinct grow and thrive until we will accept nothing less! ps; thanks for the comment, good words.


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