Oceanside Mayor Fights Back, Asks for Lawyer

Mayor Jim Wood asks for an attorney to advise him on the Council's recent decision to strip him of appointing rights.

Oceanside Mayor Jim Wood is fighting back after the City Council voted to strip him of the power to appoint, according to a North County Times report.

The City Council recently voted to revoke Wood's authority to appoint representatives to regional boards and commissions. Wood is now asking the Council to appoint an outside attorney to "advise him" in the dispute, according to the newspaper.

Read the full report here.

FOBESQ December 01, 2012 at 12:15 AM
I support fully our Mayor Jim Wood. He has more integrity than the other three jokers put together. Feller, who can't articulate one sentence clearly and succintly was re-elected. What is the appeal of Kern? He never saw a developer he didn't like(cha-ching). Feller is completely inept and his cohort Felien is useless as well. I would be very happy to work on a recall campaign of Kern (he should have been recalled in the first attempt) or Felien or even Feller. We need people who have this city at heart not developers'.
DeeDee Dana December 01, 2012 at 03:16 PM
All this is about is revenge. The Majority Council lost with Props.E and F and then they didn't get Kern in as Mayor. This situation needs to go to the State Attorney. Though I do think Felien needs to go to a mental health facility.
Linda Walshaw December 01, 2012 at 05:33 PM
Imagine if every candidate who ran for office and LOST could simply vote, along with his 2 buddies, to strip the winning candidate of his or her powers of office? That is exactly what's happening here in Oceanside! Last time I checked, the U.S. system of government still belongs to the VOTERS. Felien even went so far as to say that he sees the Mayoral office as mostly "ceremonial" and commented that Mayor Wood is "good at shaking hands and giving out awards and certificates." 54% of Oceanside's voters re-elected Mayor Jim Wood, not to perform "ceremonial duties," but to LEAD this City and represent it regionally and nationally. Other cities' representatives on SANDAG are their MAYORS or an appointee of their Mayor, and as a long-standing member, Mayor Wood is given seniority on that body. The City of San Diego and County each receive 25 votes (50) plus all the other cities on SANDAG & their votes. Oceanside gets 5. Without seniority, how much voice will Kern or his buddies have? Kern, Feller & Felien will vote on Dec. 5 to move this forward and it will go into effect 30 days after their final vote on the 12th or 19th. If you believe Oceanside is still a democracy and you believe that the votes of 54% of the people COUNT (not 3 guys who've formed a power bloc), contact these Councilmen and tell them to STOP this power grab. jfeller@ci.oceanside.ca.us, gfelien@ci.oceanside.ca.us, jkern@ci.oceanside.ca.us.
Robert Markley December 02, 2012 at 03:18 PM
Because Oceanside is now a charter city, the usual protections for the mayor from this type of shenanigan are apparently gone. If Oceanside were still a general law city, the FFKers (Felien-Feller-Kern) would never get away with this hegemony. If there was ever a good argument for repealing the charter, this is it.


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