Poll: Camp Pendleton Cross -- Stay Up or Take Down?

A 13-foot cross on a hill above Camp Pendleton is stirring controversy. What do you think?

Camp Pendleton commanders are reviewing whether a 13-foot cross erected to replace one burned by a brush fire should remain on a hill above the base, the Los Angeles Times reported this week.

The cross was put up on Veterans Day by a group that included widows of two Marines who were part of the group that erected the original cross.

The cross has generated controversy, with the Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers saying it violates the U.S. Constitution and supporters like the American Center for Law & Justice urging the Marines to keep it, the Times reported.

Where do you stand on the issue? Take our poll.

Daniel Woolfolk December 02, 2011 at 06:53 AM
Hi Breanna, thanks for commenting. I'm Daniel. I wrote the poll and can tell you that, even with my journalist hat off, I wouldn't really get upset if it stayed up or was taken down. I was asking for personal opinions, not legal ones. So, if you perceived bias, a slant wasn't my intention. And now that I have your attention, here's something I noticed in the comments. The voices who want it up give personal reasons and few (or any) legal reasons. Those who want it down give the legal and constitutional reasons but few personal reasons. So, when you see the cross, what are some your immediate thoughts? Thanks again, Daniel ps We only have one letter to the editor and that's in favor of keeping it up, so if anyone would like to make a counterpoint, please email it to me at daniel.woolfolk@patch.com.
Daniel Woolfolk December 02, 2011 at 06:57 AM
Hi Rebecca, I just wrote this big long thing under Breanna's comment and hadn't noticed yours yet, but you answered the question I had. If you want to send me a letter to the editor, please do so. My email address is daniel.woolfolk@patch.com. You'd have to use your full name though. Thanks, Daniel
Daniel Woolfolk December 02, 2011 at 06:57 AM
Thanks everyone for your comments. I'm learning a lot from both sides.
Amy Rix December 15, 2011 at 02:29 AM
Oh my gosh! Seriously??? Who is forcing you to be a Christian by placing a cross on a hill in memory of their fallen loved ones??? I am so tired of atheists and other saying the religion is being "forced" on them because Christians let it be known who they are! And how is this a violation of the Constitution? I have read it a few times and I do not see it stated anywhere that anyone has to hide their beliefs. If Jews, Muslims or atheists want to put up a marker to remember their fallen loved ones, by all means go ahead and quit complaining just because some Christians did.
Suzanne Rodriguez April 13, 2012 at 04:11 PM
ok so this is 3000 feet up .... a dedication to fallen soldiers who have fought for our freedom and for their families. A place of tears, and pain and grief and honoring, spirit and remembering loved ones. If it is in your face...then get your face out of there.... any other country you want to go to is fine. Please leave this memorial alone for all of those that have hearts to be touched. And for our soldiers honored, of any religion... yes... even Christian ( gasp ) Suzanne Rodriguez


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