Hot Dogs and Wine? How to Pair Wine with 4th of July BBQs

BevMo offers up four different wines to go with four commonly served foods at 4th of July festivities.

Hot Dogs + Sparkling Wine

Charles Ninot Sparkling Wine Brut

The bubbles and citrus help to cut the fattiness and compliment the saltiness.


Grilled Corn + Chardonnay

Bushranger Cpt. Starlight Chardonnay '09  

The citrus and mineral flavors and full body are the perfect complement to the sweet corn and salty butter.


Spicy Brats + Syrah

Hahn Estates Syrah '10 

A full-bodied red with ripe fruit tones compliments the heat.


Burgers + Zinfandel

Gen 5 Zinfandel '10 

This rich and slightly peppery wine pairs well with smokey flavors, and even barbeque sauce.


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